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multidisciplinary artist

Yvapurü is a visual artist working in a range of mixed media. He has been trained between Asunción, Barcelona, New York & Helsinki, exhibiting since 1996. Has studied in Arts in Paraguay, and at the New York Institute of Photography, USA. 

His expressive versatility unfolds as a draftsman, painter, sculptor, photographer and performer. He has a long working experience in interior and furniture design. In 2015 he was selected to participate at the XX Kuvataideviikot - International Contemporary Fair of Art in Finland, where the Pekilo Art Museum added one of his art-works to their private collection. His interest in art education brought him to work in Annantalo Art Centre as an art teacher the year 2016, the same summer he was also working there as an artist in residency. Yvapurü has created several artistic projects and workshops for Design District Helsinki, Swedish Culture Institute, Goethe Zentrum, Ihana Helsinki Festival, Kolibrí Festivaali and Latin American Film Festival. He has exhibited in individual and collective exhibitions in Argentina, Austria, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, Nepal, Paraguay, Spain, UK and in the United States. He is a member of the Council of Global Art Point, & Kulttuuria Kaikille, and collaborates with many cultural associations to promote the Latin American Arts and Literature in the Nordic countries. Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.


1975 - Born in Asunción - Paraguay.

1997 /1999 - Studies at Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes, Asunción - Paraguay.

1999 / 2005 - Micheo`s Hardwood Floors Design, New York - USA.

2000 / 2002 - Studies at New York Institute of Photography. New York - USA.

2005 / 2013 - Works and lives Barcelona - Spain.

2013 - Currently lives and works in Helsinki - Finlandia.

2014 / 2015 - Studies at Axell Multicultural Center, Helsinki - Finland.

2016 - (Jan/Dec) Art practices & residence, Annantalo Art Centre, Helsinki - Finland.

2017 - Board member at Kulttuurikeskus Ninho.

2018 - Board member at Globe Art Point (currently)

2020/21 - Master of Social Innovation; PlayGround & Learning by Helping (Barcelona).

2021/3 - Board member at Culture for All - Kulttuuria kaikille (currently)

Art Residencies

2021 - Kunsthaus jägermeister (jun-jul) Helsinki, Finland

2021 - Casa Molle Intercultural Residency (Lima, Perú)

2016 - Annantalo Cultural Center (Helsinki, Finland)


2023 - Museo Nacional de Reduccion - Naturaleza Surreal - Cordoba, Argentina

2022 - Curator at Kunsthause Jägermeister, Helsinki, Finland

2021 - Myyrmäen katutaidetriennaali - Triennal of Street Art - Vantaa, Finland

2019- KunstRaum/ArtSpace - Alte Bürger - Bremerhaven, Germany

2017 - Galleria Harper´s New York for the Hispanic Heritage Celebration - New York, USA

2015 - International Contemporary Art of Finland, Mänttä Art Festival - Mänttä, Finland

1997 - Tribute to the poet Rafael Alberti, Cultural Center of Spain Juan de Salazar - Asunción, Paraguay


The adventure of exploring unpopular or non traditional places in contemporary society has led me to discover a great variety of feelings and particular situations, all of which are reflected in each and every one of my works. 

Every moment or situation I go through becomes essential for my perception and understanding of art in all its forms and variants. This is displayed in my current artistic relation, where the junction point unites the demands of political art and the work of others: feminism, minorities, and other activist positions. It is a pact that contemporary representation reaches in order to show or refer to an object, as the everyday is.

The quotidian, the everyday, is often related to the cliché, to the fetish, to the object as an individual part of the self, instead of being seen as something fleeting in time. 


“We are living museum of our own history”.



Solo Exhibitions

2019 -  Engraving´s, prints and collage serie, Goethe Zentrum ICPA- Asunción, Paraguay

2018 -  Japanese Serie; Live Performance Washi Tape, Sculpture and Collage, Haiku Art Space - Helsinki, Finland

2018 -  The Final Selection, Kind of Green - Helsinki, Finland

2017 - Yvapurü – From the portrait to the abstract concept of the image, Kolo - Helsinki, Finland

2016 - XII Cinemaissí Film Festival - Helsinki, Finland

2012 - Galerie Verein08 - Vienna, Austria

2012 - Fania Art Space - Vienna, Austria

2012 - Galerie der Kunst Töchter - Vienna, Austria

2007 - Natur Anna's Galerie - Paris, France

2005/9 - Paintings exhibitions in galleries and restaurants in Tarragona and Barcelona, Spain

2005/2014 - Exhibition of photography at the Yacht Club Torredembarra, Spain

2004 - Blue Seed Gallery - New Jersey, USA

2003 - Earth Matters Art Space - New York, USA

2001 - Earth Matters Art Space - New York, USA

2001 - La Plazita - Asuncion, Paraguay

1998 - Galeria de la Manzana de la Rivera - Asuncion, Paraguay

1996 - Photography Collection at Khaos House Café - Aregua, Paraguay

Group Shows

2023 - Museo Nacional de Reduccion - Naturaleza Surreal - Cordoba, Argentina

2023 - Pop-Up Experience Jägermeister, Helsinki, Finland 

2022 - Kunsthaus Jägermeister, Helsinki, Finland

2022 - Kunsthaus Jägermeister at Siltasaaren 10. Helsinki, Finland.

2021 - DOMA, photography art installation with Melanie Rose - Kammio Gallery, Helsinki. 

2021 - Meet me half way Festival, Kontula, Finland. 

2021 - Kunsthaus Jägermeister, 6 selected artists. Helsinki, Finland. 

2021 - Pehmeä Vandalismi Intro #1 Organizer and cultural promoter at the international group art show. Luna Society Gallery. Helsinki, Finland. 

2019 - Rupla - selected internacional artists, closing year event. Helsinki, Finland. 

2019 -  Black Canvas Serie, KunstRaum/ArtSpace - Alte Bürger - Bremerhaven, Germany

2018 - AngaCOM - Live Performance Washi Tape Yvapurü & Schoepgens - Köln, Germany 

2017 - Design District Helsinki for Ihana Helsinki Festival, Wood sculpture at Diana Park - Helsinki, Finland

2017 - Pop Up #1, Frank Schoepgens and Yvapurü. Gallerie t - Düsseldorf, Germany

2016 - Design District Helsinki for Ihana Helsinki Festival, Annantalo Art Centre - Helsinki, Finland

2016 - Mudita Art Gallery - Kathmandu, Nepal

2016 - Collaboration with the artist/film director Peter Conrad Beyer, Opekta Ateliers Köln - Cologne, Germany

2016 - La Colectiva 5, Galerie t - Düsseldorf, Germany

2015 - La Contra-Bienal, Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo - Asuncion, Paraguay

2015 - International Contemporary Art of Finland, Mänttä Art Festival - Mänttä, Finland

2015 - Launch Piel Magazine, Gallery Mutuo - Barcelona, España

2015 - Pälde13 Art Market, Atelier Pälde13 - Helsinki, Finland

2014 - La Colectiva 3, Galerie t - Düsseldorf, Germany

2014 - A la Fresquita, Helsinki City Library Kallio - Helsinki, Finlandia

2014 - Buda-Lona, exhibition with artists from Barcelona, Latarka Gallery - Budapest, Hungary

2013 - First Multicultural Event Catalan and Latin American Artists - Girona, Spain

2013 - Colonial Museum of Taxo "Chamorro Project" intervention on tapestry of artist Virginia Priede - Guerrero, Mexico

2013 - Four men, one work, endless looks, NauART Espai - Barcelona, Spain

2013 - La Colectiva 2, Galerie t - Düsselforf, Germany

2013 - Painted Plates at Gallery Olokuti - Barcelona, Spain

2013 - Exhibition of resident artists from NauART, Tallers Oberts & CityScreen/LOOP Festival - Barcelona, Spain

2013 - Inaugural Exhibition NauART Espai - Barcelona, Spain

2012 - Exhibition of resident artists from NauART, Tallers Oberts - Barcelona, Spain

2012 - La Colectiva Contemporary Art from Barcelona, Galerie t - Düsselforf, Germany

2011 - Exhibition with Alexandra Gasteirger and Iris Schüller, Galerie / Atelier V & V - Vienna, Austria

2010 - Fuck my Brush, paintings and audio visual with Sebastian Boesmi, Barcelona, Spain

2009 - Green House Cultural Center - Barcelona, Spain

2005 - Brick Line Art Festival - London, UK

1998 - Paraguayan Japanese Cultural Center - Asuncion, Paraguay

1998 - School of Fine Arts and the artist Vicente Dure, Cultural Center of Spain Juan de Salazar - Asuncion, Paraguay

1998 - Collection of 120 hand-painted ceramics, Craft Fair - Asuncion, Paraguay

1997 - Cultural Center of Spain Juan de Salazar - Asuncion, Paraguay

1996 - Gallery Manzana de la Rivera - Asuncion, Paraguay

1996 - Bronze sculptures, Gallery Guggiari's - Asuncion, Paraguay

Others, collaborations & workshops

2023 - Contemporary Collage Workshop LUCKAN - Swedish Cultural Center - Helsinki, Finland

2022 - Several Workshops at  Kunsthause Jägermeister, Helsinki, Finland

2022 - Build and design scenography for a TV serie at YLE Areena, Finland

2022: - Speach at Aalto University Master Program: Nordic Visual Studies & Art Education (NoVA) and Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art (VICCA) which is focused on their international art students.

2019 - Selected to participate in the book Muisti Kuvat (Imágenes de la memoria), Helsinki, Finlandia.

2019 - Collage Workshops at El Granel & Goethe Zentrum ICPA - Asunción, Paraguay 

2018 - Workshops and collaboration in several events of Kultturikeskus Ninho, Kulttuuri Helsinki, Iso Omena Library, Malmitalo, Kallio Library and Kumpula Swimming pool - Helsinki, Malmi & Espoo, Finland

2018 - Contemporary Collage Workshop LUCKAN Finland Swedish Cultural Center - Helsinki, Finland

2018 - Collaboration with an article for the book Memories del Districte Eixample - Barcelona, Spain

2017 - Collaboration at the theatre show Kalevalamaa - Ooppera Baletti Helsinki, Finland 

2017 - Workshop at the Cinemaissí Film Festival, Sello Library - Espoo, Finland

2017 - Workshop at the Ihana Helsinki Festival, Diana Park - Helsinki, Finland

2017 - Collaboration at the festivals Flow, Maailma Kylassa, Kolibri, Kutitus Lasten Taidefestivaali - Finland

2016 - Workshop at the X-mass Design Market of Design District Helsinki. Anha Ylioppilastalo - Finland

2016 - Art installation/decoration for Decompression - The Burning Man, Cirko - Finland

2016 - XII Latin American Film Festival Cinemaissí - Helsinki, Finland

2016 - Design and build a game table for the company Elämä Design - Helsinki, Finland

2016 - Art-assistant to finnish artist Anna-Lea Kopperi. Annantalo - Helsinki, Finland

2016 - Art Installation at Visio Music Festival - Helsinki, Finland

2016 - Summer Park by Annantalo Art-Residency; The project "Tropical Forest", has a interactive installation and include many workshops

2016 - Workshops at the Design District Market, in the Ihana Helsinki Festival - Helsinki, Finland

2016 - Collaboration in the World Village Festival, FLOW Music Festival, Kolibri Festival and Pikku Kolibri Festival - Helsinki, Finland

2015 - Serverals art-covers for the magazine Le Cool Valencia - Spain

2015 - Collaboration in the World Village Festival, FLOW Festival and Cinemaissí Latin American Film Festival - Helsinki, Finland

2015 - Working collaboration with the artist and ceramist Sami Rinne - Helsinki, Finland

2014 - Collaboration in the World Village Festival, FLOW Music Festival and Cinemaissí Latin American Film Festival - Helsinki, Finland

2014 - Art Cover from book of poems of the writer Pablo Caceres - Asuncion, Paraguay

2013 - Participation at the documentary Tiempo Libre. Factories of artistic creation in Barcelona. Director: Anna Crespo-Vidal, Cultural Project from City of Barcelona, Spain

2013 - Coordination and production support to the Festival City Screen / TOB 2013, País/Paisaje Program; Film and Video Art form Paraguay, curate by Fernando Moure. Espai NauART Auditorium - Barcelona, Spain

2012 - Performance for the Opening Workshops Tallers Oberts Barcelona, Plaza dels Angels MACBA - Barcelona, Spain

2012 / 2013 - Restoration of the Antique Club Montañes, Building year 1860, Sant Cugat del Vallés - Barcelona, Spain

2011 - Design, Decoration and Construction furniture for independent artists and designers Store Paloni - Helsinki, Finland

2010 - Collaboration and participation in several edition of the art magazine IMPREVISTA presented at ARCO 2010 - Madrid, Spain

2008 - Cultural Projects Coordinator, Cultural Center Casa Verde, Horta - Guinardo - Barcelona, Spain

2000 - Selected in the 2nd Annual Juried Small Works Exhibition, Bertoni Gallery - New York, USA

1999 / 2004 - Design, restoration & installation of traditional and antique wood flooring at the Company Micheo Hardwood Flooring Inc, Slate Hill - New York, USA

1998 - Production Assistant for a few theatre shows to the group Nhi-Mu. Asuncion, Paraguay

1998 - Design and installation of scenographics sets for couples TV programs, JCA Producciones - Asuncion, Paraguay

1997 - Photomontage and slides for the theatre show Calderón or the crazy mother, Teatrox Ginecologicox - Asuncion, Paraguay

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